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As a member you are part of a community of people who are passionate about recreating in the mountains and who understand the value that comes from working together to achieve an objective.


Playing in the mountains involves taking on some risk. We spend considerable resources (time, energy, money), to provide Members opportunities to understand the risks associated with their particular activity of choice as well as ways they can mitigate those risks.  See this page for more information on our Training and Skill Development Program


Each one of us began our mountain journey with nothing more than a desire to heed the call of the mountains. Over time and through many avenues we learned and developed our understanding and skills. Much of that learning has been at the hands of others who were willing to share their knowledge and experience. At the CSMC we place a strong emphasis on Members helping others to learn, grow and develop their skills and abilities. In fact, it is an expectation that those who have the skills and experience will take the time to help others learn and develop.

This includes Leadership. At the CSMC we rely heavily on individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to arrange trips and activities for the rest of us.  As such we have a robust Leadership Development program. See this page for more details Leadership Development Page


Playing in the mountains presents numerous challenges that encompass the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of our beings.  It provides numerous benefits, from the awe inspiring views from a summit, the companionship and relationships we develop. Playing in the mountains also teaches us patience, persistence, humility and compassion.

In addition to the above there are other benefits that come from being a Member of the CSMC.

    • Priority for trip and event registration
    • Discounts on courses (internal and external)
    • Unlimited access to ad hoc training and skill development
    • Discounted rates at ACC Alpine Huts
    • Discounts at select retailers
    • As a Member you have the ability to be involved in the administration, management and direction of the group
    • Documentation of your experience and training, which can be used to help you and others independently verify your experience and skill set.


In addition to the numerous benefits and privileges outlined above there are also expectations the come wth being a Member of the CSMC.


The first, and most important, is Respect. Respect for yourself, Respect for others and Respect for the environment. To learn more about this and Mountain Ethics please visit this page Mountain Ethics Page


We expect that before you sign up for a trip you will review the details and requirements and ensure you meet those expectations. If at any point you are unsure you should contact the Trip Leader for confirmation.


You have a responsibility to arrive at the carpool location or trail head on time, with all required gear.


It is your responsibility to inform the Trip Leader of any impairment (physical, mental, emotional), that may impact the outcome of the trip.


If at any point during the trip you are feeling uncomfortable, unsure, unwell, afraid, it is your responsibility to inform the Trip Leader.


It is your responsibility to help create an environment where others can feel comfortable expressing their thoughts.


As part of a group it is expected you will stay with the group and work with others to achieve a successful outcome.