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The Canadian Scrambling and Mountaineering Company (not-for-profit) was born in 2017 from the Calgary Scrambling and Mountaineering Club which was established in 2008 and has grown into a group of hundreds of like-minded members whose backyard is the Rocky Mountains around Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We are passionate about playing in the mountains, enjoy the benefits they offer and help others experience the same.

So, if you are new to this world of vertical adventure, an experienced mountaineer willing to share your experience or just looking for like minded individuals to play with, then please come in, make yourself comfortable and start spending time with some of the finest people on the planet!

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We use Meetup.com to manage our activities and events.

Trip Levels:

  • BEGINNER  – for first timers
  • EASY – slower pace, shorter, and/or low difficulty
  • MODERATE – moderate pace, half to full day, and/or moderate difficulty
  • DIFFICULT – aspects of faster pace, full day, and/or greater difficulty

Join Us Today – Buy or Renew CSMC Membership

To join our events you need to be a CSMC member.

STEP 1: Go to the CSMC Meetup page and become a member.

STEP 2: Pay your annual member dues Email Interac using instructions below.

CSMC Annual Membership Dues

      • Single $40.00
      • Couple $60.00
      • Family $80.00
      • Drop-in $17.00

Send Annual Membership Amount by Email Interac to csmc.now@gmail.com with your full name, Meetup profile name, and indicate it's for membership. Couples and Family memberships put all names in the Email Interac message.

NOTE: Membership is for 12 months from payment and will be indicated on your Meetup profile.

If you have any questions on membership administration, such as payment, expiry dates, etc., please contact CSMC's membership team.


As a member you are part of a community of people who are passionate about recreating in the mountains and who understand the value that comes from working together to achieve an objective.

Playing in the mountains involves taking on some risk. We spend considerable resources (time, energy, money), to provide Members opportunities to understand the risks associated with their particular activity of choice as well as ways they can mitigate those risks.

Each one of us began our mountain journey with nothing more than a desire to heed the call of the mountains. Over time and through many avenues we learned and developed our understanding and skills. Much of that learning has been at the hands of others who were willing to share their knowledge and experience. At the CSMC we place a strong emphasis on Members helping others to learn, grow and develop their skills and abilities. In fact, it is an expectation that those who have the skills and experience will take the time to help others learn and develop.

This includes Leadership. At the CSMC we rely heavily on individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to arrange trips and activities for the rest of us. As such we have a robust Leadership Development program.

Playing in the mountains presents numerous challenges that encompass the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of our beings. It provides numerous benefits, from the awe inspiring views from a summit, the companionship and relationships we develop. Playing in the mountains also teaches us patience, persistence, humility and compassion.

In addition to the above there are other benefits that come from being a member of the CSMC.

  • Priority for trip and event registration
  • Discounts on courses (internal and external)
  • Unlimited access to ad hoc training and skill development
  • Discounts at select retailers
  • As a Member you have the ability to be involved in the administration, management and direction of the group
  • Documentation of your experience and training, which can be used to help you and others independently verify your experience and skill set.
  • Access to use club gear (via a trip organizer)

*Member Discount nights at MEC*

For the past number of years, MEC has supported the CSMC and its members by offering a Member Discount (10%) night in Spring and Fall. Look for these seasonal events posted on our events list.

*Member Discounts on Courses*
CSMC members receive a 10% discount on registration for Mountain Skills Academy and  PeakStratagem courses. Visit the Mountain Skills Academy and the PeakStratagem websites for full course listing.

First timer at Scrambling, Rock and  Ice Climbing, or Backcountry Skiing?
The CSMC offers a number of Learn to Scramble or Rock Climb or Backcountry Ski or Ice Climb events usually at the start of each of those seasons. These are typically offered for a nominal fee to cover accommodation and other travel costs. Members have seen great value in these annual events and many members have gone on to become seasoned veterans of the sports that they were introduced to at the CSMC.

The foundation of the CSMC is scrambling and ascending to new summits together.

In southern Alberta, the scrambling season gets underway any time from April to June depending upon the year. And scrambling season wraps up anytime after Labour Day thru late November (in a good year)…with a small group of hard core scramblers continuing through the winter months.

Tom Waddell, Brandon B, Geoff Hardy,  Alex P,  Gerry, Pam, Lisa, Oscar and others have led numerous scrambles for the club and continue to bring new people into the mountains.

Look for courses and trips for beginner scramblers in the Spring and early Summer.

With a growing number of CSMC members leading backcountry ski trips and wanting to get off the groomed runs and into the wide open backcountry, the club has offered an intro course each Fall that starts with a classroom session and continues with a number of outings often culminating in a big ski ascent as a finale later in Spring.

Intro to Backcountry Skiing – Nov 20, 2018

This session if a time to share basic information on back-country touring ( Alpine Touring not cross-country ). If you have some experience with resort skiing ie able to do blue runs, parallel turn/ stop then you are well on the way to AT skiing.

What will be shared is information on gear, whys/wherefores/hazards, decision making in avalanche terrain (note this will a brief discussion of avalanches but IS NOT an avalanche awareness course), navigation, uphill movement, survival , selection of touring destination, rope use, crevasse rescue, whiteout conditions. ( please note that this meeting is only informative in nature and is not to be considered a comprehensive course… it will still seem like trying to get a drink thru a fire-hydrant ).

The goal of this evening is to open a totally new way of accessing our mountains, some of which are awesome ski ascents. Over the course of the several months building your confidence and skill level thru a group of back-country trips The framework will be laid out (for those willing to commit ) so that by the end of March beginning of April next year participate in a multi-day back-country trip.



Besides scrambling, the CSMC also runs a number of learn to rock climb and multi-pitch climb events for members that are looking to expand their skillset for more technical ascents.

Indoor climbing at new gym

Tom Waddell, Mike Samson, Rob Herbst, Kevin L, KiwiLisa, Alan Miller and others have run after work gym climbing nights at various locations around Calgary.

After work outdoor climbing (Grassi Lakes)

Michael S, Tom Waddell, KiwiLisa, Mark Koob, Rob Herbst and others have run after work rock climbing outdoors in the Bow Valley often in the Spring and early Summer.

Learn sport multipitch after work

Look for more trips outdoors starting in May and indoor outings during the Fall-Winter-Spring.

Rock Rescue

Kevin Lottis has generously run a couple rock rescue courses typically in the Spring. As well, at various times Tom Waddell has run a rock rescue practice at the local YMCA.

© Noel West

CSMC has ice climbers too and many members who would like to give it a try.

Gerry Richardson, Joad C and Mike Samson and a few others have run evening or beginner ice climbing outings.

In the past, club member Gerry Richardson has been active organizing evening and weekend events for people who want to try ice climbing. He organized full weekends in Nordegg in 2014 and 2016.

Try Ice Climbing – early 2019

The largest person made ice wall in Alberta is at Frontier Lodge Nordegg. It is 15m high and has 6 faces, all top roped. It also has a nice wood stove to hang around while you are waiting your turn. I'd like to do a day session on the wall with anyone, beginner to lead climber as a introduction to this spectacular sport. More experienced members can work on their technique and skills on ice that is probably rated WI4. Everyone will also have an opportunity to do some ropework, climbing knots, rope coiling. We will also help beginners with belay basics.

The CSMC also organizes trips to great mountain locations.

Past trips have included: Rogers Pass Mid-Summer Mountain Fest (scrambling), Jasper  Late Summer Mountain Fest (scrambling), Rogers Pass (skiing), Kootenay Pass (skiing),  Cascade volcanoes (ski mountaineering), Sweetgrass Hills MT, Glacier National Park MT (alpine), Gannet Peak WY (alpine), Prussik Peak WA (alpine), State Highpoints (road trips).

CSMC Early Summer Mountain Fest – Bugaboos (6th Annual) – July 2024

We had so much fun in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2022 we are going back!!

There are 20 spots reserved in the Kain Hut for 3 nights!!

The Bugaboos are a mountain range in the Purcell Mountains of eastern British Columbia, Canada. The granite spires of the group are a popular mountaineering destination. The Bugaboos are protected within Bugaboo Provincial Park.

The CSMC has reserved 20 spots in the Conrad Kain Hut (http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/huts/conrad-kain-hut/) in the Bugaboos for July 2021. Anxious members can haul in camping gear and camp at the Applebee campground on the Thursday evening. Those that want to get going Thursday after work may take in some climbing or peak bagging in the Columbia Valley prior to hiking into Kain Hut on Friday.

CALLING ALL TRIP ORGANIZERS – Ideally we have a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of trip organizers to trip participants. Trip organizers should at least be comfortable with snow/glacier travel and difficult scrambles.

Each day, there will be a number of different trips and activities depending upon interests, weather etc.

COST: See trip details


Bugaboos 2022

Bugaboos 2019

Bugaboos 2018

Bugaboos 2017

Bugaboos 2016

In 2016, we had a 3 day fest at Rogers Pass based out of Golden, BC. Up to 40 club members participated and groups went rock climbing at Begbie Bluffs, scrambled in Mt Revelstoke National Park, and bagged a number of peaks at Rogers Pass.


Rogers Pass 2016

In 2016, we finished up scrambling season in Jasper. The weather didn't fully co-operate but more than 20 members did get up a variety of peaks including Pyramid Mountain and a heli-lift off another peak…


Jasper 2016

Club Gear

The CSMC owns and maintains the following gear. This is available for members to use either during CSMC Training/Skill Development sessions, courses, or on CSMC sponsored trips and activities. If you would like to borrow some of this gear, please contact a trip organizer or Club President Michael S.

Backpacks Dakine 35
Deuter Guide 35
Gregory 55
Mammut 40
Stoves 1 Dragon Fly
1 Whisper lite
I Coleman
I Double Burner Propane
Water Filter MSR
Compass 5 Silva
Avalanche Probes 1×320 cm
1×265 cm
Snow Saws 2 BCA
Snowshoes MSR Lightening Orange 22 inch
MSR Denali Black
MSR Denali Tail Extensions


Ice Tools 4 pair Monster, 3 blue/white, 1 black/yellow
Pulley 3 Small
1 Large
Ice Screws 10×16 cm
5×22 cm
2×10 cm
2×18 cm
1 Candela
Alpine Axe 3 Medium Length
Ropes 8.9 red 60 meter
8.9 Blue 60 meter
10 Blue Green/red tape 40 meter
8.2 red petzel, 50 meters
9.8 yellow edelrid, 55 meters
9.8 Green Beal 60 meter
10.2 Yellow Pattern Change 55 meters
10 Blue Green no tape 60 meter
7 Blue Twin Mammut 30 meter
8.2 Green 20 meters
9.4 Green Trango 45 meters
8.2 Blue Beal

Climbing Harnesses

Trad Gear Assorted Hexes and Nuts
Wild Country Friend 1
2 x Black Diamond 1
Trango .75
2 x Black Diamond 2
Black Diamond .75
Trango .5
Trango 2
Trango 3
Black Diamond 3
Black Diamond .5
Black Diamond .4
CCH Alien Gray
CCH Alien Green
CCH Alien Yellow
CCH Alien Black
Rock Empire Blue Micro Cam
Rock Empire Green Micro Cam
Rock Empire Orange Micro Cam
Chalk Bags 2 Medium
Quickdraws 12
Alpine Draws 5 single length
8 double length
Belay Devices Petzl Reverso
Trango B52
2 Black Diamond


In addition to the numerous benefits and privileges outlined above there are also expectations the come with being a member of the CSMC.

  • The first, and most important, is Respect. Respect for yourself, Respect for others and Respect for the environment.
  • We expect that before you sign up for a trip you will review the details and requirements and ensure you meet those expectations. If at any point you are unsure you should contact the Trip Leader for confirmation.
  • You have a responsibility to arrive at the carpool location or trail head on time, with all required gear.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the Trip Leader of any impairment (physical, mental, emotional), that may impact the outcome of the trip.
  • If at any point during the trip you are feeling uncomfortable, unsure, unwell, afraid, it is your responsibility to inform the Trip Leader.
  • It is your responsibility to help create an environment where others can feel comfortable expressing their thoughts.
  • As part of a group it is expected you will stay with the group and work with others to achieve a successful outcome.

What Do We Like To Do

CSMC members like to get to the mountains…

Rock climbing
Alpine Climbing
Ice Climbing
Backcountry Skiing
Winter Scrambling

Club Trips by our Members

Our club members have organized more than a thousand scrambling, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, and backcountry ski trips into the Rockies and mountains of North America.

Trip Reports

Read about great trips by our club members.

Mosquito Mountain

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 8/6/2018 8:48 PM Mosquito Mountain was unusual in that the descent route was more interesting than the ascent. The route up a ...

Pilot Mountain

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 8/12/2018 6:50 PM We didn’t have ideal conditions for our trip up Pilot Mountain. We sheltered under a tree for 50 minutes ...

Bugaboos 2018

By Michael Shoemaker Posted on 7/21/2018 6:31 AM   A Bugaboo Dream – 44 years in the making   I still remember the day, perhaps it was ...

Mt President Mountaineering Trip

By Lisa Lee-Johnson Posted on 7/5/2018 4:19 PM Seven of us went into the Little Yoho Valley to attempt a mountaineering trip up the Presidents (President and ...

Mt Schlee

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 7/2/2018 2:42 PM The trip up Mt Schlee was a super-scenic tour past Elbow Lake, Elpoca and Tombstone. The ridge is a ...

Wasootch Peak

By Joad Clement Posted on 6/17/2018 6:25 AM On Friday evening June 15, 2018, Stasys and I decided  to head out to the South summit of Wasootch ...

Mount Roche, Yarrow & Spionkop Ridge

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 6/10/2018 6:13 PM It’s a big drive down to Castle so we needed a big day to make the most of it! ...

Threepoint Mountain & Mount Rose

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 6/3/2018 9:00 AM For our trip up Threepoint Mountain and Mount Rose, we parked at the junction of Powerface Trail and Highway ...

Lightning Peak

By Geoff Hardy Posted on 5/22/2018 8:03 PM Lightning Peak was a great option for May long weekend. We biked in for about 4.5km along two forestry ...

Phantom Crag Difficult Scramble

By Gerry Richardson Posted on 5/22/2018 7:00 PM Fit parties could do this in 8 hours from the bottom of the “Big Hill” to quote Cornelius of ...

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A few resources for exploring the mountains.

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What Are Members Say

Thanks for a super chill, super fun tour. Great choice with amazing expansive views and the whole place just for us!
That was a lot of fun! Thanks for organizing this!
Great bunch of people. Looking forward to meeting more.
You can pay for lessons - but you can't buy the company, camaraderie - or the spirit of giving and sharing knowledge and experience - perhaps this is more the what the spirit of being the mountains was meant to be!
Suzanne T
Because the people are awesome..
Siva G
Organizers are doing an excellent job. Really glad I joined this club.
Thank you!! It was an excellent day - fun scramble, excellent views and great group of people!
Kate S
Had a great time with all of you guys. The smoke in the air didn't stop us from exploring the goodness of the mountain and we had it to ourselves. It's just great to be out with awesome people and expanding the circle of mountain friends 🙂 Hope to see you guys on next adventure 🙂
Lito O

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